What is Plant Magic?

Hi and welcome! I’m Lauren Kretzer, a professional vegan chef, recipe developer and culinary nutritionist. Plant Magic is my newsletter about plant-based cooking, wellness, and combining the two deliciously and easily.

I wanted to call this newsletter “Plant Magic” because plants (as in, the kind we eat and the kind you find in nature) literally have the power to transform your plate, your physical well-being, your mental health, your life. I am continuously amazed by the benefits of an intentional existence rooted in the natural world.

In Plant Magic, you’ll get plenty of vegan dinner ideas, cooking tips, product recommendations, holiday menus, health/healing information, sustainable living inspiration, and my current fav books, podcasts, shows, and news pieces - for free! Paid subscribers can expect all of that, plus even more recipes and bonus issues (where I’ll share more exclusive content, Q&A’s, personal dispatches from my life, including What I Eat in a Day and what I’m feeding my family).

It’s my belief that if we can all get a bit more connected to our food, it’ll make for more fun in the kitchen, and healthier, longer, more vibrant life. Often, cooking becomes drudgery - a means to an end. If we start to think more consciously about where our food came from, eating seasonally, and ultimately, how it makes us feel, the act of putting together a meal can be meditative and deeply fulfilling.

That’s why I’m here and what I hope you get out of Plant Magic: to feel excited about being in the kitchen again, and to feel the immense benefits of a plant based lifestyle, and to truly experience cooking and eating as the purest act of love you can give yourself and others.

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Delicious plant based food and holistic living for people who crave health, connection and sustainability. Welcome, I'm so glad to have you at my table!


I'm Lauren Kretzer, a professional plant based chef, holistic nutritionist and cancer survivor. I'm of the firm belief that plants are magic - join me on this delicious, health giving adventure!